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With the beginning of our twelfth year in 2012, I have decided to make a bold move with this website.
In the next few months I will be introducing a NEW LINE of ROUTE 66 MUSIC guitars and basses.
They will be reasonably priced, affordable for the beginner to seasoned professional player, that will evoke the feel of vintage instruments. They will be simple, designs using high quality components, and above all manufactured WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

For those who don't know me, I consigned musical instruments for music stores and distributors in the TexArkHoma (Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma) area. As a broker I have had the privilege of bringing buyers and sellers together. In the future I will be dabbling in that part of the business. My focus will be however, my line of guitars.

I feel, even in the economic times that challenges us today musicians deserve a well made instrument, a new guitar, that plays and feels vintage, without the crazy prices that go with it.

I have been a working musician for years and until 1999, just a regular guy who would look in a music store's window hoping to find that special instrument. I decided that in order to find those special instruments I'd need to reach out to retailers, factory reps and wholesalers. Through these strategic alliances with these outlets I have been able to bring to my Internet clients some wonderful instruments.

Although I never did quit my day gig. Music, the beauty and intimacy of a guitar and it's owner making music has been very important to me for over 30 years. The skills and dedication of the manufacturer, from Orville Gibson to Leo Fender to the factory workers in Tennessee, Montana, California, Mexico, Asia and the world over leave a part of themselves with your instrument. That result could be a perfect chord...a note never before heard...a song that touches someone.

We owe each other in our business, musical and personal endeavors this mutual respect, and commitment in both the real and virtual worlds we inhabit. I stand by this commitment and have always given my best effort to that end.

If you are a retailer or wholesaler, this line of guitars would be an excellent addition to your sales and a cooperative website can bring you a strong Internet presence.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank You for viewing this site. It is my sincere hope I may be of service to you now, and in the future.


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